Retrofit Golf 6 Speedometer (white/color cluster) into Golf 5 (Touran, Eos, Octavia and equal)

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    • Retrofit Golf 6 Speedometer (white/color cluster) into Golf 5 (Touran, Eos, Octavia and equal)

      Translated from here: Tachoumbau Golf6 Basis in Golf5 Plattform (Golf, Touran, EOS, Octavia und baugleich) auch PREMIUM MFA


      Instrument cluster: (List is not complete!)
      All inlays of the cluster are equal and usable on all other casings. Exceptional the Passat 3C/CC, they have a deactivated immo-block. If you can reenable it, they also fit


      1. Touran
      2. White cluster diesel: 1T0920871 D (240 km/h scales) (24c64)
      3. White cluster diesel: 1Q0920874 H (280 km/h scales) (24c32)
      4. Premium cluster gas: 1T0920881 (240 km/h scales)
      5. Premium cluster diesel: 1T0920881A (240 km/h scales)
      6. Premium cluster gas / PR-0F2+0M1: 1T0920881B (240 km/h scales)
      7. Premium cluster gas / PR-0F2+0M1: 1T0920881C (240 km/h scales)
      8. Premium cluster gas: 1T0920885D (240 km/h scales)
      9. Premium cluster diesel: 1T0920885E (240 km/h scales)
      10. Premium cluster gas / PR-0F2+0M1: 1T0920885F (240 km/h scales)
      11. Premium cluster gas / PR-0F2+0M1: 1T0920885G (240 km/h scales)
      12. Premium cluster gas: 1T0920981 (160 mph scales)
      13. Premium cluster diesel: 1T0920981A (160 mph scales)
      14. Premium cluster gas: 1T0920985B (160 mph scales)
      15. Premium cluster diesel: 1T0920985C (160 mph scales)
      16. Tiguan
      17. Premium cluster gas: 5N0920883 (240 km/h scales)
      18. Premium cluster diesel: 5N0920883A (240 km/h scales)
      19. Premium cluster gas: 5N0920882B (240 km/h scales)
      20. Premium cluster diesel: 5N0920882C (240 km/h scales)
      21. Premium cluster gas: 5N0920983 (160 mph scales)
      22. Premium cluster diesel: 5N0920983A (160 mph scales)
      23. Premium cluster gas: 5N0920982C (160 mph scales)
      24. Premium cluster diesel: 5N0920982D (160 mph scales)
      25. EOS
      26. Premium cluster gas: 1Q0920885 (280 km/h scales)
      27. Premium cluster diesel: 1Q0920885A (280 km/h scales)
      28. Premium cluster gas: 1Q0920985 (180 mph scales)
      29. Premium cluster diesel: 1Q0920985A (180 mph scales)
      30. Scirocco
      31. Premium cluster gas: 1K8920880 (280 km/h scales)
      32. Premium cluster diesel: 1K8920880A (280 km/h scales)
      33. Premium cluster gas: 1K8920980 (180 mph scales)
      34. Premium cluster diesel: 1K8920980A (180 mph scales)
      35. Passat 3C
      36. Premium cluster gas: 3AA920880 (260 km/h scales)
      37. Premium cluster diesel: 3AA920880A (260 km/h scales)
      38. Golf 6
      39. Premium cluster gas: 5K0920880 (240 km/h scales)
      40. Premium cluster diesel: 5K0920880A (240 km/h scales)
      41. Premium cluster gas: 5K0920882 (240 km/h scales)
      42. Premium cluster diesel: 5K0920882A (240 km/h scales)
      43. Premium cluster gas: 5K0920883 (240 km/h scales)
      44. Premium cluster diesel: 5K0920883A (240 km/h scales)
      45. Premium cluster gas: 5K6920881 GTI (280 km/h scales)
      46. Premium cluster diesel: 5K6920881A GTD (280 km/h scales)
      47. Premium cluster gas: 5K6920882 GTI (280 km/h scales)
      48. Premium cluster diesel: 5K6920882A GTD (280 km/h scales)
      49. Premium cluster gas: 5K6920881 (280 km/h scales)
      50. Premium cluster gas: 5K6920882 (280 km/h scales)
      51. Premium cluster gas: 5K6920883 (280 km/h scales)
      52. Premium cluster gas: 5K6920881B (300 km/h scales)
      53. Premium cluster gas: 5K6920882B (300 km/h scales)
      54. Premium cluster gas: 5K6920882E (300 km/h scales)
      55. Premium cluster gas: 5K0920980 (160 mph scales)
      56. Premium cluster diesel: 5K0920980A (160 mph scales)
      57. Premium cluster gas: 5K0920983 (160 mph scales)
      58. Premium cluster diesel: 5K0920983A (160 mph scales)
      59. Premium cluster gas: 5K6920981 GTI (160 mph scales)
      60. Premium cluster diesel: 5K6920981A GTD (160 mph scales)
      61. Premium cluster gas: 5K6920981 CCZA (180 mph scales)
      62. Premium cluster gas: 5K6920982 CCZA (180 mph scales)
      63. Premium cluster diesel: 5K6920982 (160 mph scales)
      64. Premium cluster diesel: 5K6920982A (160 mph scales)
      65. Premium cluster gas: 5K6920982B (160 mph scales)
      66. Premium cluster gas: 5K6920981C (160 mph scales)
      67. Passat CC
      68. Premium cluster gas: 3C8920880F (280 km/h scales)
      69. Premium cluster diesel: 3C8920880G (280 km/h scales)
      70. Premium cluster gas: 3C8920880H (280 km/h scales)
      71. Premium cluster diesel: 3C8920880J (280 km/h scales)
      72. Premium cluster gas: 3C8920880K (280 km/h scales)
      73. Premium cluster diesel: 3C8920880L (280 km/h scales)
      74. Premium cluster diesel: 3C8920980L (160 mph scales)
      75. Premium cluster gas: 3C8920980M (180 mph scales)
      76. Premium cluster gas: 3C8920980N (160 mph scales)
      77. Premium cluster diesel: 3C8920980P (160 mph scales)
      78. Premium cluster gas: 3C8920980Q (180 mph scales)
      79. Premium cluster gas: 3C8920980R (160 mph scales)
      80. Premium cluster diesel: 3C8920980S (160 mph scales)
      81. T5.2
      82. Premium cluster gas: 7E0920880 (240 km/h scales)
      83. Premium cluster diesel: 7E0920880A (240 km/h scales)
      84. Premium cluster gas: 7E0920880B (240 km/h scales)
      85. Premium cluster diesel: 7E0920880C (240 km/h scales)
      86. Premium cluster gas: 7E0920880D (240 km/h scales)
      87. Premium cluster diesel: 7E0920880E (240 km/h scales)
      88. Premium cluster gas: 7E0920980 (160 mph scales)
      89. Premium cluster diesel: 7E0920980A (160 mph scales)
      90. Premium cluster gas: 7E0920980B (160 mph scales)
      91. Premium cluster diesel: 7E0920980C (160 mph scales)
      92. Premium cluster gas: 7E0920980D (160 mph scales)
      93. Premium cluster diesel: 7E0920980E (160 mph scales)
      Alles anzeigen

      suitable CAN-Gateway:
      In this case there was a 7N0907530E used. Fully functional but there are CAN-Bus fault codes from the battery management, but they can be ignored.


      1. 1K0907530L (Update to 1K0907530AD available)
      2. 1K0907530Q (Update to 1K0907530AD available)
      3. 1K0907530S (Update to 1K0907530AD available)
      4. 1K0907530AA (Update to 1K0907530AD available)
      5. 1K0907530AD
      6. 7N0907530
      7. 7N0907530C
      8. 7N0907530H
      9. 7N0907530M
      10. 7N0907530R

      Adapter from the old connector to the new one:
      Connector (female) (32x) blue - 1J0972977D
      Connector (male) (36x) black - e.g. unsolder from the old one or buy from zb here:…rument-cluster,id308.html

      New Immo-Transponder:
      Pre-programmed compatible to the new cluster

      In this case AVDI for getting the Immo-Data. They must be rewritten, a one-to-one-copy is not appropriate.
      Or another tool which reads the true Immo-Data.

      Let's start!

      Desolder the connector from the old cluster and wire it correctly:

      Pin assignment Golf 5 - Pinbelegung Tacho VW Golf 5 1Kx
      Pin assignment Golf 6 - Pinbelegung Tacho VW Golf 6 - 5K1

      Fit the cluster into the car, write the immo-data of the old cluster into the new one, match the key and the new transponder and done!

      Additonal other control units have to be programmed from the old DDP (Display-Daten-Protokoll), which is used with CAN/KWP2000), to the new BAP (Bedien- und Anzeigeprotokoll, used with CAN/UDS. E.g. the RNS510, so the steering column switch and the display on the MFA is working.




      We are not responsible for wiring/connections issues and their effects. You act at yours own risk!

      For questions or suggestions please use this Thread.

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    • Hi everybody

      Sorry for writing in English, but my German is not very well ;) And I don't want to use google translate, because it produces garbage ;)
      I'm working on retrofitting Tiguan Premium tacho in Golf 5, and I think I've found solution for electronic parking brake problem :highfive:

      In Golf handbrake switch connects pin 25 in tacho to ground.
      In Tiguan, when brake is engaged, module connects this pin to +12V instead .
      Tiguan tacho have few parts soldered differently inside, so we have to modify it:

      We need to remove one resistor completely, desolder one and solder it in different place and add silicon diode 1N4148 (or something similar).
      Diode can be omitted and replaced with wire, but I don't recommend that ;)

      After this is done, handbrake icon starts to work, but it's inverted (no brake - icon lights up, brake - no icon).
      It can be fixed in EEPROM at address 2D0:
      6C - Tiguan "inverted" brake
      68 - Golf/Scirocco standard brake

      And another small bonus at address 437
      00 - (P) icon is used for handbrake on the left
      02 - (!) icon is used for handbrake on the right (like in old Micronas red tachos)

      All this work has been done in 5N0 920 882C tacho.

      Enjoy! :piri: